Who We Are

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Fight for 15 is comprised of low wage workers and labour advocates who recognize the need for all workers to make a decent wage – for those of us making less than $15/hour, we know what it’s like to struggle to get by.

Saskatchewan workers are struggling to make ends meet. Every day, more decent jobs are being replaced by low-wage and precarious work. Part-time, casual, temporary and contract work is growing faster than full-time permanent work. This leaves many of us with little to no job security, juggling several jobs to get by, struggling to manage irregular schedules, and all the while, we’re left without access to basic health and pension benefits. And guess what big corporations suggest when met with the challenges of low pay? Go to the food bank.

We think it’s time to share the wealth. All around us, the movement to build decent jobs is growing. In the US, the movement of fast food and retail workers grew in 2014 with campaigns demanding a $15 minimum wage and the right to join unions. Seattle and San Francisco already passed laws raising wages to $15 an hour and have seen positive results from this decision. In Canada, the BC Federation of Labour has launched a Fight for $15 campaign, Ontario has legislated $15 wage by 2019 thanks to their campaign for 15 and Fairness, Alberta has legislated a $15 by 2018, and Nova Scotia announced its own $15 campaign. The Federal NDP has pledged to make $15 the minimum standard for all federally-regulated, private and public sector workers.

We can’t work and survive on poverty wages anymore – join us in our Fight for $15!

To find out more, email contact@fightfor15sk.ca / like our Facebook page / follow us on twitter.