Celebrate “The 12 days of Fight for 15!”

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  • Celebrate “The 12 days of Fight for 15!”

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There was a choice to make. Stimulate the economy during tough times or austerity. The Sask Party chose austerity. The people of Saskatchewan have done a tremendous job standing up against these cuts and tax hikes, but we need an alternative that not only lifts people out of poverty, but helps boost our local communities.

With the holidays fast approaching and many low income earners working hard this holiday season, we thought it would be fun to do some group activities! With that in mind, we created the 12 days of Fight for 15 (FF15)!

  • Day 1 (December 13) Invite facebook friends to like our facebook page.
  • Day 2 (December 14) Contact leader hopefuls regarding their plans for 15. Sask Party candidates can be found hereRyan Meili and Trent Wotherspoon have committed to a $15 min wage already! Speaking notes are here to help out!
  • Day 3 (December 15) Take the petition to community or work function. Get your petition here!
  • Day 4 (December 16) Find and share a $15 wage article on our FB page.
  • Day 5 (December 17) Write your MLA.   Not sure who your MLA is? Find your constituency here.  Some speaking notes to help you are here
  • Day 6 (December 18) Blitz a mall Monday! Take a friend and our petition to a mall to get signatures and talk to people about our Fight for 15 campaign. (Note you may get kicked out – prepare for plan B.)  FF15 organizers will be by the Sears mall entrance in Midtown Plaza, Saskatoon at 4pm.  Come join me or pick a mall in your community!
  • Day 7 (December 19) Find a store in your community that pays workers $15.  Share that with us!
  • Day 8 (December 20) Write the newspaper, share a personal story of how $15 would impact you or your loved ones.  Tips can be found here.
  • Day 9 (December 21) Tape this small graphic to all your paper money and use it in your last days of Christmas shopping.
  • Day 10 (December 22) follow up with your MLA/elected hopefuls if they haven’t responded. If they have, try to get them to commit to a timeline.
  • Day 11 (December 23) Call your BFF, wish them happy holidays and tell them what you’ve done for the 12 days of FF15.
  • Day 12 (December 24) Subtly drop info about FF15 with your family on Christmas Eve.

As always, there are lots of myth busting answers here.  Feel free to print copies of each to educate the skeptic.  Hand them out as Christmas Presents! Thank you all for making the world better by participating and…Happy Holidays!

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